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Lower Alabama Search and Rescue (LASAR)

Lower Alabama Search and Rescue

Lower Alabama Search and Rescue (LASAR) Is a State and Nationally recognized all volunteer organization dedicated to help others. Our motto, "Failure is not an option" is something we believe in and let it guide our every mission.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist federal, state, and local authorities in searches, recoveries and disaster relief operations. This assistance is provided at no cost to entity supported. LASAR also responds outside our normal emergency dispatch district when called upon by FEMA or requesting agencies.

Becoming a member

To join LASAR, please attend one of our monthly meetings (normally held on the 2nd Monday of each month) and fill out an application. There is an $20.00 application fee. This is an annual fee that covers background checks and insurance through the state of Alabama along with Rescue Squad license plates for the member vehicle annually. Prospective members must come to a monthly meeting to acquire the application. LASAR is a dynamic organization with many types of positions and training available. A desire to help others is the number 1 requirement for membership.

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